Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tennis Recount

The day started off like any other normal day, a day with everybody enjoying them self’s completing off what they needed to and anything else.

Each term our school would learn about a different sport and this term we started learning about tennis. As we arrived at the courts our new tutor introduced himself as Marcel our new tennis tutor. He started it off by telling us all the basic rules.

Giving us a challenge to bounce the ball on both sides of the racket, but only holding the racket by your hips. That was too easy for everybody so trying to make it more difficult he decided that we had to also bounce the ball on the frames of the racket. “3,2,1” he blew the whistle for all of us to stop and start off with something new.

Trying to grab every body’s attention, he blew the whistle once more for our class to watch Andrew and Marcel demonstrate a Forearm hit. We crowded around them so we all could see, getting annoyed of all the waiting Andrew finally served the ball. Marcel Swung his arm and hit the ball with one stroke then going back and fourth til Andrew missed a hit.

Now knowing how to do a Forearm hit, we choose our partners and started practicing. Pairing up with Tina heading straight to the nets, I served the ball to her but she missed it. A few serves later she finally got it.

Finally we get into groups and show off all our new skills we have learnt from our session. King Of The Court was the game, a game where we get into a group of people and challenge each other until we see who would be the last one standing.

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