Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I raced around the house, trying to get all my gears ready before my friend arrived. Too late, she screamed for me from the top of her lungs so that I could hurry up and get outside so we can leave.“Still getting ready” I yelled back at her. I continued rushing around the house but I was excited to be finally going to the festival in Glen Innes.

In the town centre of Glen Innes, where the festival had been held my friend and I went straight to meet up with our friends who we made plans with. The atmosphere was filled with enjoyment, seeing all the different variety's of things you could do like watch the performances being done from different types of groups, or go look around the different stores selling food, clothes and other accessories.

We were hungry as we decided to go Pack n Save to go buy a feed for us. Munching on the food we then went for a walk about. Seeing a lot of people who I hadn’t seen since school holidays started, I went up to them and said hello and had a little conversation.

Then we went to the town centre, and saw everybody who was bunched up together, waiting for the Cook Island Kids to start performing. They started doing their hula and while the beat of the drums was rushing through the people, the boys were doing there dance.

After that my friends and I went for another look around the area, seeing everybody enjoying them self’s as there was plenty of different activity’s to do.While we were walking we saw my friends family and ran straight to them and started to beg for some extra money. They gave us $10.00 for both of us to spend.

Coming back to the main stage, we saw J. Williams and K-One performing together. Excited my friends and I immediately ran to the area and tried to get as close as possible to them. The crowd was jumping with the rhythm of their music. During a break they ask the crowd to do a challenge for them, for the most creative people in the crowd to do something crazy and the most craziest stunt would win a prize. A few minutes later a kid won the prize, the prize was a Album from the J. Williams and K-One. He won it by jumping on his friends shoulders and was dancing with the music.

The night was over as J. Williams announced it was time to pack up and leave. My friend Kath and I got all of our other friends together and started walking home. Walking and talking we all didn’t realize we were near each others homes, saying our good bye’s we left and went home.

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